Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MOBOND - The thing that binds the mob

So i was wondering, when shall i pen down about the fantastic application. I got my hands on.
Guys please let me announce "m-INDICATOR" a application which is a must for almost everyone, who wishes to travel by train.

Its very elaborate, and just apart being elaborate it gives us such a easy use in terms of functionality and its humongous source of information, helps the user to get the desired information in as least amount of click as humanly possible. Which makes it a great app when you are in a hurry and cannot wait that much longer. As a old saying goes "If one train goes the next one would be just a wee bit more crowded".

The interface is awesome, however anyone has any ideas to improve the same. Are all the more welcomed by the dev team. They wish to make a product which is probably designed by the people, so they leave out a chance to dislike it.

So please guys don't hesitate use it once and also ask you friends to use it. Its absolutely free.

Kuddos to the dev team for a fabulous product. The efforts are really appreciated.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Yes, it is bonding mob


mob + bond = mobond